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6 Ply ATV Tires & UTV Tires

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Hit the sweet spot in your search for versatile tires with our selection of 6 ply ATV tires and UTV tires at RevZilla. Ply rating is a general term used to measure stiffness and pliability in a tire casing. The higher the ply rating, the more durable the tire is and the more weight it can support. In this case, 6 ply UTV tires fit right in the middle between heavier, rugged tires and lightweight ones designed for loose terrain like sand and snow. So long as you're not tackling extreme terrain like difficult rocks, 6 ply ATV tires are a solid choice suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Discover the best selection of 6 ply radial ATV tires and bias tires from the top manufacturers in the business. We even have select Kevlar 6 ply ATV tires for added puncture resistance and 6 ply radial tires that'll boost durability. Score a great deal on the best 6 ply UTV tires when you join our new Riders Plus Membership. Riders can access a world of perks including -- but not limited to -- 10% off exclusive brands, 5% RPM cash back and free 2-day shipping on all orders. Not sure if 6 ply is rugged enough for your daily use? Explore 8 ply quad and SxS tires to find the perfect fit at RevZilla.