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Alpinestars Tech-Air

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Experience every heart-pumping mile in complete confidence when you choose the Alpinestars Tech-Air system. Game-changing rider safety features don't come along very often, but the Alpinestars Tech-Air series is here to shatter expectations with extensive MotoGP experience and over a half a million miles of on-road testing. This line stands alone as the first integrated airbag system that is not tied to a motorcycle. Riders can wear the system in garments, like the Alpinestars Tech-Air Race Vest, and benefit from upper body protection before the first impact in a crash. There is a lot to dig into in the Tech-Air system, so let RevZilla guide you through things.

Every Millisecond Matters

As we mentioned earlier, Alpinestars has committed over a half-million miles of testing into the Tech-Air system. In their research, they've found that often you only have 200 milliseconds from the moment of detection until impact. Products like the Alpinestars Tech-Air Jacket deploy in only 30 milliseconds, and critical areas like your back shoulders, kidneys, chest and upper abdomen are all protected before collision. Three sensors constantly read for potential impacts, and it is completely self-contained. No need to worry about spotty service or GPS connection. The argon inflator cartridges only fire when needed, and otherwise they are stable and safe to handle.

Whereas other personal airbag systems are bulky and worn over your riding jacket, models like the Tech-Air 5 Vest are designed to be worn under your jacket. This ensures you're more likely to wear it every day and ride naturally. Better yet, this system is universal, so you don't have to wear an Alpinestars jacket on top. It will work under any jacket given there is sufficient space for the airbag to deploy. Each Tech Air product has an Airbag Control Unit that is seal-protected for temps between 14°F and 122°F so it can be used in a variety of climates. The system has a battery life of 25 hours, after which it needs to be recharged. Admittedly, this is something you'll need to consider on any multi-day trips. The price point will be another big consideration for some. However, it is worth every penny when you consider the risks of riding without an airbag system.

Race-Inspired Street Protection

Personal airbag protection may be common at the track, but Alpinestars makes it easy to utilize this technology anywhere. The Tech-Air 5 Vest is the entry point for most into the series, and it comes with everything you need to add airbag protection to your gear setup. For more information on the vest, check out our detailed video review. As we mentioned before, this vest can be worn under any riding jacket, but if you're concerned about sizing then the Alpinestars Tech-Air Jacket is the perfect compliment to the vest. For example, those who wear a size large in the vest should fit right into a large Alpinestars Tech-Air Jacket. Note, the airbag system is only available in vest form, but the added GP-R protectors and optimized comfort features make the jacket a welcome addition to your collection. See how the jacket works with the Tech-Air Vest in this video review.

Alpinestars Tech-Air Suit: Built For The Track

If adrenaline-fueled racing is your aim, the Alpinestars Tech-Air Suit is a high-end solution that will keep you safe at the track. This premium bovine leather suit loaded with GP-R elbow, knee and shoulder protectors pairs perfectly with the Alpinestars Tech-Air Race Vest. You'll be prepared for any slide with this suit so all you have to do is focus on the podium! Don't miss this video review on Alpinestars' elite race suit.

New to all models, including the Alpinestars Tech-Air Race Vest, is two riding modes: "RACE" and "STREET." Each mode is tailored for the different conditions riders face, as street riders will make frequent stops at stoplights. Once switched over to Race Mode, the airbags won't deploy unless your speed exceeds 18 MPH. Race and Street modes are easily changed so you can use the gear for both situations.