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It’s been called one of the most physically-demanding sports — give it a try and you’ll know why. From braking bumps and double jumps to sugar sand single track, gain an edge over the competition with the best dirt bike and motocross gear of 2023.

We’ve put these dirt bike-specific products through their paces, seeing where they shine in MX and enduro applications. The results are encouraging and the payoff is simple: the very best motocross, woods racing and trail ripping gear you can buy. 

Best Motocross Racing Gear

Roost the competition with 2023’s top picks

Bell Moto-10 Spherical Helmets - Shop Now
Fasthouse USA Grindhouse Factor Jersey - Shop Now
Fasthouse Grindhouse 2 Pants - Shop Now
Fasthouse Speed Metal Gloves - Shop Now
Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots - Shop Now
Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Braces  - Shop Now
Troy Lee CE Flex Roost - Shop Now
100% Armega Goggles  - Shop Now
MX Pro - Shop The Outfit

There are no friends after the gate drops. It’s just you, your machine and the best motocross gear for truly competitive racers. Trust us, we’ve put these picks through the wringer for 2023. The result of such efforts is head-to-toe coverage made for the rigors of racing — and those deep ruts in the third turn. From the best dirt bike helmet to the rest of the best motocross gear for 2023, RevZilla’s got your next moto covered with some of the safest, lightest and best apparel for the money.

Bell Moto-10 Helmet

Discover the meaning of “advanced” with the best motocross helmet on the market, Bell’s Moto-10. This premier product sports a 3K segmented carbon fiber shell, MIPS technology to reduce rotational impact, EPP interior bumpers, the largest goggle port currently available, air intake vents and plenty more safety certifications. As the best motocross helmet, this one sets the new industry standard… and it can easily be yours.

Fasthouse USA Grindhouse Factor Jersey

From the “Purveyor of Good Times” comes the best motocross jersey for race days, track days and every ride day in-between. The Fasthouse Grindhouse Factor Jersey is made from full polyester, is moisture-wicking, breathable, sports an athletic fit and will stay tucked-in no matter how aggressively you get on the gas.

Fasthouse Grindhouse 2 Pants

Another entry from one of MX’s favorite brands, the Fasthouse Grindhouse 2 Pants are 2023’s best motocross pants for the money. Pick up a pair and you’ll find a lightweight yet durable product with leather knee panels, breathable perforations and triple-stitched seams for a long-lasting ride through the roughest of race conditions.

Fasthouse Speed Metal Gloves

With a finger over the clutch and grip firmly on the throttle, you’ll be in complete control with the Fasthouse Speed Metal gloves. As 2023’s best motocross gloves, we recommend these for their 4-way stretch, durable palms and thumbs, low-profile cuff and hook and loop closure.

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Plant yourself on the pegs and confidently whip it over the next jump with the best motocross boots of 2023, Alpinestars’ Tech 10. The new Frontal Flex Frame in this CE-certified boot keeps your ankles planted while allowing for natural movement. A fresh sole design, poly-foam in the heel and exterior protective plates will do all the hard work for you — you just concentrate on the racer up ahead.

Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Braces

Yes, racing is physically demanding but it’s also admittedly dangerous. Help dial down the latter risk factor with the best motocross knee braces, the Asterisk Carbon Cell 1. This slim, light and comfortable product is made from space-grade carbon fiber, comes in a pair and carries a 3-year warranty. If you're looking for the best motocross protective gear, these knee braces and the following chest protector rig are solid bets.

Troy Lee Designs Rockfight CE Flex Chest Protector

A chest-full of roost can not only break your mid-race mojo — it can really hurt. Defend yourself with 2023’s best motocross armor, Troy Lee Designs Rockfight CE Flex Chest Protector. Lightweight and comfortable construction is backed up by CE-level safety certifications, ventilated plates and multiple adjustability zones to create a rig that’s going to feel like it’s barely there — until you need it most.

100% Armega Goggles

With eyes on the prize, the best motocross goggles in the game for 2023 are the 100% Armega. As you already know, this bit of kit is about more than just protecting your eyeballs from errant stones and dust clouds. The best motocross goggles need to offer the following, which 100%’s Armega does: a high-definition shatter-resistant lens that can be quickly changed, frames that increase air circulation and stay firmly in place plus foam and draining systems that minimize and control sweat.

Best Enduro and Off-Road Racing Gear

Conquer the clock & competition with the best dirt bike gear

Fly Racing Formula Helmets  - Shop Now
Troy Lee Scout SE Systems Jersey - Shop Now
Troy Lee SE Scout Pants - Shop Now
REV'IT! Massif Gloves - Shop Now
Leatt 5.5 Boots -  Shop Now
Leatt C-Frame Knee Braces - Shop Now
Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector - Shop Now
USWE Outlander 2 Backpack - Shop Now
Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles - Shop Now
Dirt / Woods Pro  - Shop The Outfit

Endurance. It’s a fitting root word for enduro racing and our picks for 2023 can get you to the final check in high spirits and top gear. While those MX guys wrap up a race in 20 minutes, you’ll be squeezing through trees and blazing down fire roads and single track for hours during a hare scramble. That said, the best enduro-style dirt bike gear, no matter which form of woods racing you plan on subjecting it to, will help you give your all.

Fly Racing Formula Helmet

Woods racing, enduros, hare scrambles, dual-sport trail ripping… there’s always a need for the best enduro-style dirt bike helmet. For 2023, we’ve placed our bets on Fly Racing’s Formula Helmet. A lightweight carbon fiber shell will keep you moving, while superior airflow intakes, impact absorbers, quick-release liners and more make for a refreshing package.

Troy Lee Designs Scout SE Jersey

When you’re “on” for hours at a time, it’s important to keep cool under pressure. It’s why Troy Lee Designs’ Scout SE Systems Jersey is our top pick from 2023. It’s got the performance attributes that keep you active, the functions that’ll manage moisture and heat plus the durability that will help it withstand seasons of abuse.

Troy Lee Designs Scout SE Pants

Proven to perform in the woods, our pick for the best enduro-style dirt bike pants are the Troy Lee Scout SE pants. The zippers and pockets you’ll find here would never appear on an MX pant, which means this one is already headed in the right direction. The ratchet closure, durable polyester, 2-way stretch panels and more fitment-enhancing features makes these a solid buy within TLD’s SE gear line.

REV'IT! Massif Gloves

Splitting the difference between lightweight and luxurious, the best enduro-style dirt bike gloves are the REV’IT! Massif. You need something that will protect with TPR knuckle guards, has enough flex to keep precise on the hand controls, contains mesh in all the right places for airflow and a few other neat designs that are simply right for woods riders like yourself.

Leatt 5.5 Boots

Ruts, roots, logs and rocks are all looking to inflict a bit of pain. For safety, style and performance, Leatt’s 5.5 Boots are our 2023 pick for best enduro-style dirt bike boots. Featuring forged buckles and a stainless steel base, rotation resistance and force reduction design elements plus enduro-specific sole patters as well as a foot peg zone, this a safe pair of footwear that doesn’t mess around.

Leatt C-Frame Knee Braces

Blunt impacts hurt, but twists and ligament rotations can put you down for the count. Our pick for the best enduro motorcycle knee braces are Leatt’s C-Frame. With three-point force distribution, slimmer shin plates, adjustable lock-outs and quite a few more safety features, you’ll be riding with newfound confidence when you pick up this one.

Leatt 3DF Airfit Body Protector

Woods riders need to protect themselves without donning bulky and restrictive layers. Our pick for best enduro-style dirt bike body armor is Leatt’s 3DF Airfit Body Protector and its design features are hard to beat. You’re safe-guarding your core with form-fitting foam, riding harder thanks to moisture-wicking fabric, rocking a connected neck brace (if you so choose) and feeling confident thanks to CE-level certifications.

USWE Outlander 2 Backpack

There’s no rest for the weary when the clock is ticking and you’re trying to stay on your minute. It’s a scenario woods riders know well, so get the best enduro-style dirt bike backpack in the USWE Outlander 2. The 1.5-liter hydration bladder is the star of the show and it’s strapped firmly to your back in a lightweight package. It’s great for hare scrambles, mountain biking or any other physical activity that takes you well into the woods.

Leatt 6.5 Goggles

Keep your eyes on the prize when you strap on the best enduro-style dirt bike goggles, the Leatt 6.5 goggles. This eyewear offers anti-fogging, impact-tested, self-draining and lens clip-in/out features. That’s just for starters, too, as the dual-density foam and anti-slip strap will keep these in place and keep you on the move while keeping dust and dirt out.

Best Budget/Beginner Dirt Bike Gear

Do-it-all dirt bike gear that’s won't break the bank

Bilt LX-1 MIPS Helmet - Shop Now
Bilt Lux Jerseys - Shop Now
Bilt Lux Pants - Shop Now
Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves - Shop Now
Fox Racing Comp Boots - Shop Now
Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket - Shop Now
Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards - Shop Now
Sedici Hydration Pack - Shop Now
100% Strata 2 Goggles - Shop Now
Dirt / Do Everything  - Shop The Outfit

Look pro and and save some dough with our picks for the best entry-level dirt bike gear. If you’ve always wondered what this type of two-wheeling is like, life’s too short not to know. Get geared up for C-level beginner class motocross or back-row start enduros with this top-shelf apparel we’ve picked out. You can explore a new type of riding without breaking the bank on premium gear that, quite frankly, might be a bit overkill for you current needs.


It’s easy to spend a lot of cash — and fast — when it comes to dirt riding kits. The BILT LX-1 MIPS helmet is not only highly affordable, it’s got the safety elements and design features that make it well worth the investment. Besides the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, you’ll get a lightweight shell, air flow-enhancing designs, moisture-wicking liners, DOT plus ECE certification and more.

BILT Lux Jersey

What leather is to cruisers, the right jersey is to MX racers and woods riders. Our top pick for the best entry-level dirt bike jersey in 2023 is BILT’s Lux jersey, which comes in at a fraction of the price of others while offering plenty of features seen at steeper price points. Case in point: moisture-wicking plus high-flow mesh, stretch construction, a microfiber liner in the neck and quite a bit more in an overall athletic fit. Whether it’s race day, track day or trail riding day, this entry-level dirt bike jersey won't steer you wrong.

BILT Lux Pants

BILT pulls off a hat trick in 2023 with the best do-it-all motocross pants from their Lux line. The 600 denier polyester construction, triple stitching, perforation for airflow, inner knee leather panels and a race fit-cut among other proven design features makes these a winner in our book.

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

There’s nothing wrong with a safe bet. For the best budget-friendly entry-level dirt riding gloves, the Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves are a perennial favorite. Available in almost every conceivable color and packed with features that give you plenty of feedback from the ‘bars, it’s hard to go wrong here. Enjoy the benefits of single-layer construction, hook and loop closures, a durable main body and other proven features.

Fox Racing Comp Boots

There’s no substitute for proper footwear in dirt riding. Get the most bang for your buck this year the Fox Racing Comp Boots, our pick for affordable entry-level dirt bike boots that really perform. Sporting an exclusive rubber compound outsole, TPU shin plates, multiple exterior caps for protection and mesh lining that allows for air flow, you’ll immediately feel the difference without enduring a long break-in period.

Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket

This time it’s Fox Racing with the hat trick. Their Titan Sport Jacket earns our nomination as best entry-level dirt riding protective rig for 2023. You don’t need to do highway speeds to feel the pain from a branch, rock or sudden slide through the dirt. Effective and affordable dirt bike armor in this case means full-body coverage with CE Level 1-certified elbow, shoulder, back and chest protection.

Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards

For an additional layer of effective protection, our pick in 2023 are the Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards. Dirt riders don’t spend too much time planted in the saddle; aggressive off-roading requires a hunched stance and core fluidity. These lightweight dual-pivot knee and shin guards protect the body parts that allow you to manipulate the machine. Consider the addition advantages: impact-tested CE Level 1-certification, nine large vents and a slim fit that allows for wear under your riding pants.

Sedici Hydration Pack

If you’re doing dirt riding right, exhaustion and dehydration are almost certain. So are some unexpected mechanical problems. Haul everything you could conceivably need with our pick for the best basic dirt bike hydration pack, Sedici’s Acqua Hydration Backpack. With a 3-liter bladder and a 5-liter cargo section, this tough package sports robust straps and stitching to help it withstand the roughest of dirt rides.

100% Strata 2 Goggles

Laugh in the face of danger with our pick for the best basic dirt bike goggles of 2023, the 100% Strata 2 goggles. You’ll get all the looks of high-level eyewear without shelling out a fortune for features you might not need… well not yet, at least. These goggles offer an anti-fog lens, dual-lawyer foam, a wide 40mm strap to keep it in place, swappable lenses and tear-off compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dirt bike riding gear do I need? Where do I buy motocross gear?

Ride right and you’ll test the limits of your cardiovascular and muscular fitness. If you’ve got the balance, strength and endurance to finish a race, then the best dirt bike riding gear is only going to make things easier on you. So starting from the top: DOT and ECE-certified helmets will help with safety, breathable jerseys and pants help you keep your cool, gloves provide a firm grip on the hand controls while boots protect you from serious and sudden dangers. As a leading aftermarket parts and apparel brand, RevZilla is proud to not only offer you all the dirt bike riding gear you could ever need, but provide guides like this one so you can score some of our favorites.

The logical follow-up: how much is dirt bike gear?

The demands of dirt biking — be it on a motocross track, hare scramble circuit or enduro trail — are unlike any others in this sport of ours. It pays to invest, but even our list of best dirt bike gear of 2023 splits things up by riding style and skill level. Premium apparel will cost a shade more, but you’re getting features and materials found in pro-level gear. Those not worried about looking like their favorite Supercross star — or not convinced that spending more is going to make them go any faster — are still in luck. Our do-it-all product nominations are still lightweight, safe, affordable and come from trusted brands in the dirt world. Speaking of brands…

What are some of the best dirt bike brands?

American motocross, which came of age in the 1970s, has never stopped evolving. What’s amazing is that many of the same brands that grew up with dirt bike racing are still here today. If you’re wondering which is the best motocross gear brand, we’ll name a few that have been in the game for years and also appear in our 2023 list: 100%, Alpinestars, Bell Helmets, Fly Racing, Fox Racing, Leatt and Troy Lee Designs. This is by no means an exhaustive list and dirt riders are a loyal bunch — especially if your bike is blue, red or orange — so stick with the companies that have previously carried you to the podium.

What about the best dirt bike gear for enduros, hare scrambles, trail riding, etc.?

There’s a bit of nuance to this one. We purposely picked different kits for motocross racing versus enduro/trail riding needs. Despite the two disciplines both getting the job done on a “dirt bike,” the needs of the riders themselves couldn’t be more different. Motocross racers aren’t worried about backpacks while an enduro will likely require apparel that’s a bit more beefy than the lightweight MX options. A hydration pack is crucial for long and grueling hare scrambles while 20-minute motos on an MX bike are almost over in the blink of an eye; all the water, tools and snacks you could ever need are back at the truck or team tent.

Which motocross protective gear is most important — helmet, knee or chest protector?

All of the above? When it comes to competition, most tracks and racing organizations won’t let you near the starting line without proper gear. You can self-certify that your machine will make it to the end, but motocross protective gear is non-negotiable. A true dirt bike helmet is light, well-ventilated and as flashy as you want it to be. Chest protectors can keep you safe from a roosted rock being flung towards you at high speeds. Knee and shin guards can do the same type of protecting while limiting dangerous limb twists. Combine these products for a solid line of defense.

Shop All of the Best Dirt Gear

Shop All of the Best Dirt Gear

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