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Best Bluetooth Units of 2023

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Units

Non-stop talk, music & more with easy-install headsets

Sena Spider ST1 Mesh Intercom Headset
Cardo PackTalk Edge Headset
Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset
Sena 50C Harman Kardon Mesh Intercom & Camera


In an ever-connected world, this here is the tech upgrade that makes the most sense to motorcyclists. Our nominations for the best Bluetooth units allow you to enjoy spirited conversation with your pack of riders, streaming music to keep you on the gas, GPS directional prompts that'll get you home and even a camera in some cases to document the whole thing. These easy-to-install and even easier-to-use gadgets put a touch of the 21st Century into this timeless pastime of ours.

Mesh Only: Sena Spiders

Mesh systems are the newer kid on the block and don’t require the pairing process (plus the inherent hurdles) that traditional Bluetooth units require. They also make the most of signal strength and this improved form of revolving connectivity means you’re less likely to lose the group chat should riders start bailing.

Utilizing the superior Mesh technology for rider-to-rider chats, the Sena Spider RT1 and ST1 are our picks for 2023. They’re affordable while remaining dedicated to advanced Mesh systems for intra-rider communication. This means you can experience the best communicator technology available without spending big bucks on a flagship unit. Limited Bluetooth is also onboard for phone and GPS connectivity. If the rest of your crew rides with Cardo, the PackTalk BOLD is still a solid bet when stacked next to the Sena.

Mesh & Bluetooth: Cardo PackTalk Edge

The general functionality of these headsets remains largely unchanged over the years; you can still talk to friends, listen to music and find your way home. What keeps changing, however, are the bars that are raised a little bit each year by the latest iterations. Mesh connectivity, incorporated cameras, high-quality speakers and quick-charging are just some of the features we love that also somehow keep improving.

Find all the features we’ve lauded above — plus a few more — when you score our overall winner, the Cardo PackTalk Edge. It sports Mesh connectivity, JBL speakers, Natural Voice Command, USB-C charging, a brilliant quick-release system and plenty of other perks. User interface is intuitive and positive, even while wearing gloves or giving voice commands in loud conditions. We know Sena is the only option for some, so you can confidently count on the 50R and 50S Harman-Kardon to get the job done. It has quality speakers, but lacks the charging and quick-release advantages of the Cardo.

Bluetooth Only: Sena 10R 

Motorcycling of yesteryear can’t hold a candle to today’s tech-laden landscape. It’s now possible to receive GPS directions, listen to your favorite music, handle the odd phone call and chat with your riding buddies all while in the saddle. If this sounds like a good time to you, then Bluetooth headsets are the proven way of adding a little variety into those long hauls from home.

Top honors for 2023 goes to the Sena 10R. This time-honored platform has proven itself capable of handling core Bluetooth functionality. You’ll get all the perks of Bluetooth (music, phone calls, directions and chat) in a great basic package. For Cardo compatibility, the Freecom 4X is a fine substitute. Sporting JBL speakers, Natural Voice Command features for smartphone use and a good price to boot, this is the pick if the rest of your pack runs with Cardo.

Camera: Sena 50C Harman Kardon Mesh Intercom & Camera

Document every aspect of what went down with a camera comm unit. It’s the go-to choice for vloggers with an audience as well as those who just run one as added security. You can even share the recording afterward with all the friends who went on the ride with you. Adding a bit of live narration adds an extra layer of information and it’s why we think it’s perfect for a certain brand of motorcyclist.

Coming from the company you know and trust, we'll vouch for the Sena 50C. It's perfect for those who want to record and narrate their ride at the same time, giving you "vloggers" out there something to share with the world. It’s backed up by premium tech, including the 4K camera, Harman Kardon speakers and Mesh pairing. The 50C is easily the best comms-and-camera combo on the market right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one will work with my helmet?

Some helmets come with Bluetooth units already built-in. For those buying one as an aftermarket upgrade, there are lids made to accept certain types of communicators. Product listings should state which type is compatible with your helmet, but our Gear Geeks can also help you confirm fitment.

Which one is right for you?

This depends on your riding style, on-the-go needs and any buddies out there with you. Sena units play nice with other Sena headsets and vice versa for Cardo. Basic Bluetooth systems work in pairs, while a Mesh network will accommodate far more devices into a group chat. If you’re not worried about speaking with fellow riders — but are concerned with audio cues for directions or listening to music — these little devices can come in handy.

Are they safe to use while riding?

Is it safe to drown out the world around you with music and chit-chat? If you’ve ever done double-digit mileage down a highway where you'll hear nothing but wind anyway, we say “yes.” If you’d like to be part of your surroundings in congested slow-moving traffic then maybe turn down the volume until you’re out blasting away again.

How does it work?

In short, Bluetooth headsets utilize a network of dedicated radio waves to communicate with each other. Your unit can pair with a phone for GPS and music, while it will need to connect to other Bluetooth devices worn by fellow riders for conversation to commence. Dynamic mesh communication actively works to maintain the group connection even if other riders drop out.

How do I install one?

The Bluetooth unit is attached to a clamp you’ll mount on the side of the helmet. The speakers are generally installed within the shell where they won't interfere with padding and overall fitment. Modular helmet owners need to consider the rise and fall of the chin bar when fitting the microphone.

What is the range on headsets?

All Bluetooth and Mesh systems need to communicate with each other to keep the connection and signal strength up. The one-mile range that most deliver should be more than enough for a duo or even larger pack that’s riding together.



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