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Riding jeans are more popular, and more advanced, than ever. Motorcyclists on all kinds of bikes rely on riding jeans for protection, comfort, style, and versatility. Here at RevZilla, we’ve watched the world of moto jeans advance rapidly over the last few years, and today’s jeans are lightyears ahead of past designs. So, which jeans are best for you?  

We’ve chosen our favorite jeans for men and women across a range of fits: relaxed, straight, tapered, and slim. Our top picks were chosen for their combinations of protection, style, features, and price point, and we specifically look for features like single-layer construction, high CE safety ratings, stretch material for comfort, and included armor. Over the last few years, we have been deeply impressed by all the advancements made in the world of moto jeans, so let’s dive into this year’s selections.

Best Relaxed Fit Motorcycle Jeans

Slip into something that's comfortable in the saddle

Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans - Shop Now
Bull-it Fury V Women's Jeggings - Shop Now


Relaxed fit jeans are loose, not baggy. They offer generous room throughout the leg for rider comfort, and they slip easily over riding boots for full coverage. Another advantage to these jeans is their ability to hide armor. If you want to minimize the bulge of knee armor, relaxed-fit jeans are the way to go, although advances in slimmer knee armor allow most jeans to look "normal" these days.

Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans

Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans are some of the most popular riding jeans on the market today, and for good reason. Klim’s reputation for rugged, dependable gear is right in the DNA of these jeans, and the relaxed cut fits a wide range of riders and motorcycles. The K Fifty 1 jeans use sturdy Cordura Denim with aramid panels for slide protection in key areas. These jeans also include D3O Evo armor at the hips and knees, plus a Poron XRD tailbone protector. Lots of riding jeans do not include armor, so Klim scores big points here. As for style, the K Fifty 1 jeans do not have any outward-facing features that give away their protective capability, so nobody but you will know that your jeans are pulling double duty as safety gear.

Bull-it Fury V Jeggings

The Fury V jeggings are an updated version of some Bull-It motorcycle pants that we already liked. The latest refinements, most notably a new denim material with better elastication and improved strength, make the Fury V jeggings our top choice for women seeking a relaxed fit. (And while it may sound unconventional to choose stretchy jeggings for our relaxed fit pick, this is one of the most comfortable options available for women’s motorcycle pants, and it is especially good for curvy body types.) Bull-It uses a high-waisted cut here for full coverage, and an anti-abrasion Covec liner scores an impressive CE Class A protective rating. There’s even a water-repellent finish for the occasional rain shower while riding.

Best Straight Fit Motorcycle Jeans

A do-it-all pair cut right for many motorcyclists

Street & Steel Oakland Jeans - Shop Now
Rokker RokkerTech Mid Waisted Straight Women's Jeans - Shop Now


Straight fit jeans do not have any taper from the hip to the ankle. They offer a classic look with a little closer of a fit than you'd see with relaxed jeans. That said, these aren't skinny jeans by any stretch, and a straight cut works for almost any body type. Some straight fit jeans will have a slight "boot cut" taper to the end for a little more clearance around boot uppers.

Street & Steel Oakland Jeans

Once again, the Street & Steel Oakland jeans earned a spot in the winners circle this year. These jeans are a longtime favorite of our staff and customers due to standout features and protection at an affordable price point. The Oaklands have a mild taper up top that straightens out from the knee to the hem with a slight flare to cover your riding boots. We find that this cut is a good fit for lots of body types, and the 12-ounce stretch denim allows plenty of movement in the saddle. Aramid fiber panels reinforce the seat, hips and knees. Finally, we like that Street & Steel offers a variety of colors for the Oakland jeans, which gives riders more options than other brands.

Rokker RokkerTech Mid Waisted Straight Jeans

Rokker makes some of the finest motorcycle jeans available today, and the Rokkertech Mid Waisted Straight jeans have the best protection and style of any straight cut women’s jeans we’ve tried. One of the best features of the RokkerTech Mid Waisted jeans is the protection woven right into the denim. That’s possible with a material called ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), which provides abrasion resistance throughout the jeans without adding bulk or discomfort. Yes, they are expensive, but Rokker’s quality, protection, and attention to detail is simply the best available.

Best Tapered Fit Motorcycle Jeans

Transition from riding to the rest of your life

REV'IT! Moto 2 Jeans - Shop Now
Reax Women's 112 Jeans - Shop Now


Tapered fit jeans are a good choice for motorcycling because there isn't much excess material to flap annoyingly in the breeze while you ride. Most tapered fit jeans incorporate some stretch materials for a wider range of movement than you might expect. Armor is kept close to the knees and hips, and this arrangement is beneficial if you happen to hit the deck because the armor is more likely to stay in place. Tapered fit jeans are a good option for athletic body types, especially if you need a little extra room in the thighs.

REV'IT! Moto 2 Jeans

REV’IT!’s Moto 2 jeans bring today’s popular tapered fit to the motorcycle world. They are constructed from Cordura Denim with added stretch for agility. The legs narrow towards the ankles, but not so much that you’ll feel restricted or uncomfortable. REV’IT! includes stealthy Seesmart CE Level 1 for the hips and knees for additional protection. In actual use, REV’IT!’s adjustable knee armor helps to dial in the perfect fit, and the armor itself is practically invisible while off the bike. There are other tapered fit moto jeans for men out there, but none of them transition so easily between riding and the rest of your life. Plus, with the armor included, the Moto 2 jeans are a bit of a bargain with the looks of an upscale pair of jeans.

REAX Women's 112 Jeans

Constructed with 12-ounce denim and reinforced with Dyneema for slide protection, the REAX 112 jeans are our favorite tapered women’s jeans this year. The denim and Dyneema are woven into a single layer, and some elastane is added to the mix for mobility and comfort. The result doesn’t just look great. REAX achieves a prestigious CE AA abrasion resistance rating, and CE level two armor rides along at the knees. That’s a formidable amount of protection, and the 112 jeans can be further upgraded with hip armor that can be purchased separately. These jeans check all the right boxes for modern moto jeans, and the performance at this price is outstanding.

Best Slim Fit Motorcycle Jeans

Killer looks paired with ultimate protection

Bull-it Covert Evo Slim Jeans - Shop Now
Bull-it Tactical Elara Slim Fit Women's Jeans - Shop Now


Slim jeans bring a contemporary fit with all the moto essentials baked in. They are best for riders looking for a skinny or tight pair of jeans. There is a significant taper from the hips to the ankles. It may be difficult to stretch these jeans around your favorite riding boots, but the taper becomes a positive if you want to tuck your jeans into your boots. For women, slim leggings or jeggings are also a popular option.

Bull-it Covert EVO Slim Jeans

Bull-It overhauled its slim cut offering with new Tactical II stretch denim. The Covert EVO jeans now feature a phenomenal CE Class AAA rating for abrasion resistance. The new material also protects against friction burns while sliding, making these some of the most protective jeans available. Bull-It uses single-layer denim, too, for full coverage. Armor isn’t included here, but the fit and finish on these jeans is excellent. Details like flat buttons and rivets to avoid paint scratches add a premium touch to these jeans. There’s even a water-resistant coating to keep you dry when the weather catches you off guard. No other slim jeans come close, especially when you consider Bull-It’s sub-$200 price point here.

Bull-it Tactical Elara Women's Jeans

Bull-IT also took top honors for women’s slim jeans this year. The Tactical II denim also made its way to the Elara jeans, providing CE Class AA abrasion protection and unrivaled comfort. The slim fit resists flapping in the wind while riding, staying firmly in place without restricting the rider’s movements. You also get pockets for knee and hip armor, although you’ll need to pick up this armor separately. Bull-It continues to impress us with its high-quality motorcycle jeans that bring top tier features to an affordable price point. Plus, the Elara jeans easily pass as regular jeans while you aren’t riding, which is rare for slim cut jeans that often show lots of odd seams and zips. all the right boxes for modern moto jeans, and the performance at this price is outstanding.

Honorable Mention

As an honorable mention, Oxford Super 2.0 Leggings would also be a great pick for women’s slim pants. These are leggings, not jeans, but don’t let that fool you. The Super 2.0 Leggings are fully lined with Aramid abrasion-resistant material, and they also carry CE Level 2 knee armor (included). Use them as outerwear, or put them on as a base layer under other clothes for additional protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle jeans safe?

Modern motorcycle jeans offer an incredible amount of protection, and in many cases, they are just as safe as textile motorcycle pants. Most manufacturers will provide a CE safety rating to indicate the protection level of riding jeans. Class A meets minimum requirements for a protective garment, Class AA is even better, and Class AAA is top tier protection.

Are motorcycle jeans really that different from regular jeans?

For decades, many motorcyclists simply wore their trusty standard jeans while riding. Traditional denim is comfortable and timeless, but its abrasion resistance doesn't hold a candle to the advanced materials used in today's motorcycle jeans. Under the surface, motorcycle jeans can also carry armor for the hips, knees, and/or tailbone. Additional safety features like reinforced stitching and reflective accents make motorcycle jeans an ideal middle ground between style and protection.

What's the big deal with single layer construction motorcycle jeans?

Single layer construction means that the abrasion-resistant material is woven right into the denim. The alternative is multi-layer construction, which places panels of abrasion-resistant material under the surface of the jeans. Single layer is generally superior for a few reasons. First, the abrasion resistance is present everywhere for full protective coverage. Also, the jeans aren't as thick, which means better comfort and breathability. A final consideration is style. Single layer denim doesn't need the extra stitching necessary to secure panels of material inside, so the overall look is generally cleaner and closer to "regular" jeans.

Are motorcycle jeans waterproof?

Broadly speaking, no. Some have water-resistant coatings. Plan on bringing waterproof gear if you see rain in the forecast.

How do I wash and care for motorcycle jeans?

Just like any other motorcycle gear, your riding jeans will have a tag inside with specific care instructions. You can also refer to the manufacturer's website for more care information. Always remove armor prior to washing. We recommend washing motorcycle jeans by themselves, especially for the first few washes, to prevent dyes from discoloring other garments. Motorcycle jeans don't require much maintenance, although you should hang them to dry and air out after riding in rain or sweaty conditions. As for repairs, little scuffs aren't a big deal. Do not try to patch holes after a crash, though. The patch will not have the same abrasion resistance as the original material.

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