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Gear Guides 2023 | Best of Women's Intro

Best Women’s Café & Cruiser Motorcycle Gear

Go fast and stay fashionable with these top picks

Bell Bullitt Helmets
Street & Steel Runaway Women’s Jacket
Bull-it Tactical Elara Slim Fit Jeans
Reax Womens Tasker Air Gloves
TCX Freyja WP Women’s Boots
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Far too many café and cruiser motorcyclists think their daily wear will get the job done. This may be a riding style centered around city streets and highly-populated destinations, but high-speed needs dictate moto-specific apparel. For 2023, our selection of the best female café and cruiser motorcycle gear delivers in every category: looks, performance, correct fit and overall safety.

Bell Bullitt Helmet

With roots reaching all the way back to the 1960s, the Bell Bullitt lid takes top honors for best women’s motorcycle helmet in this category. It’s got the undeniable café/cruiser look while sporting DOT plus ECE safety ratings. For something as important as helmets, trust RevZilla’s reviews for a product we’ve put through its paces.

Street & Steel Runaway Women's Jacket

For low-key looks and even better performance, it’s got to be the Street and Steel Runaway jacket. Waxed cotton provides a water and wind-resistant outer shell while the mesh lining, zipper vents and CE Level 2 armor helps to meet motorcycle-specific needs. Adjustability and women’s tailoring throughout the jacket and liner means this is a product that covers many riders.

Bull-it Tactical Elara Slim Fit Women's Jeans

It wouldn’t be vintage-style riding without the correct pants and Bull-it’s Elara women’s jeans fit the bill. Single-layer stretch denim makes them feel like quality jeans, but you’ve got abrasion-resistance plus optional armor pockets that are sold separately. For the best women’s motorcycle pants in the café/cruiser world, these will keep you covered.

REAX Tasker Air Women’s Gloves

Classic looks plus a plethora of features you’d never find in non-moto gloves, the Reax Tasker Air women’s gloves take top honors here. Female riders who regularly crush city streets will appreciate the knuckle protection plus perforation that makes them multi-season options.

Best Women’s Café/Cruiser Boots: TCX Freyja Women’s Boots

Far removed from sport and dirt aesthetics, the TCX Freyja women’s boots are our pick for ladies in 2023. There are plenty of design elements to enjoy here, including full grain leather uppers, G-hook closures that scream “old school” alongside comfortable fitment for your ankles and calves. These look good and feel great, making them the best women’s motorcycle boots for urban area riders.

Best Women’s Sport Motorcycle Gear

Podium-proven products for seriously sporty riders

Arai Corsair X Helmets
Alpinestars Stella Missile V2 Race Suit
REV'IT! Xena 3 Women's Gloves
Dainese Torque 3 Out Women's Boots
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Leave those doubters in the dust when you shop our picks for the best women’s sport motorcycle gear. Race-grade isn’t just marketing slang; it’s a way to stay safe at serious speed — which is why plenty of circuits and organizations require premium gear to get on track. Shop our top picks for 2023 and you’ll feel the difference between run-of-the-mill and ladies apparel that goes past the redline.

Arai Corsair X Helmet

From one of the world’s premier helmet brands comes 2023’s leading race lid for ladies. This one pulls out all the stops, too, so you needn’t worry about competitiveness. Find air-diffuser and air-wing aerodynamics, the Variable Axis System, a chin curtain to curtail turbulence and plenty more features a basic street helmet simply won’t offer. Turn heads and smoke the competition with this one.

Alpinestars Stella Missile v2 Race Suit

Made for the female racer, this one-piece product will protect and defend while stretching to fine-tune fitment. The aggressive body position required to ride on track is generously factored for while CE-certified protectors, padding, sliders and more will keep you safe in a slide. Moreover, this race suit will accommodate the Tech Air 5 or Tech Air 10 airbag system for top-tier protection.

REV'IT! Xena 3 Gloves

A fistful of throttle followed by a handful of brake at the next chicane requires total control and mobility. Our pick for the best women’s motorcycle gloves in the sport category, the REV’IT! Xena 3, are packed with protection in a gauntlet-style product. Goatskin palms, hard TPU sliders and EVA foam make these the race gloves to wear when seconds and safety count.

Dainese Torque 3 Out Women's Boots

Putting a knee down in the corner also brings your feet closer to the ground than most would like. You won’t worry about that when you rock our pick for of best women’s motorcycle boots for 2023, the Dainese Torque 3 Out women's boots. A pair of these will protect your ankles with a proprietary design, employ TPU coverage throughout and even have magnesium toe sliders that are replaceable — talk about trick.

Best Women’s Dirt Bike Gear

Proven to perform from the track to the trails

Fly Racing Dirt Formula Helmet
Fox Racing Flexair Efekt Women's Jersey
Fox Racing Flexair Efekt Women's Pants
Thor Spectrum Women's Gloves
Fox Racing Motion Boots
Alpinestars Stella Bionic Jacket
Fly Racing Zone Pro Goggles
POD K8 V2 Knee Braces
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Whether you were born on two wheels, got into dirt riding later in life or maybe never left, the best women’s dirt bike gear of 2023 truly has it all. We’ve tested this stuff ourselves, seen where it shines on the MX track or single-track and truly enjoyed donning apparel made for female riders. If you need the very best women’s dirt bike gear, we’ve just taken the guesswork out of it for you.

Fly Racing Dirt Formula Helmet

Flashy, functional and a fan-favorite, Fly Racing’s Dirt Formula helmet tops the podium in 2023. Female riders, be they motocrossers, dual-sporters or weekend trail riders, deserve a lid that’s lightweight, well-ventilated and designed to deflect rotational impacts. It can all be found in this one and it’s why we’ve reviewed and recommend it.

Fox Racing Flexair Women's Jersey

The time-honored tradition of flashy MX gear continues with the Fox Racing Flexair women's jersey. Besides colorways you’ll love, the moisture-wicking, well-ventilated and contoured cut makes this one right at home on the track or enduro trails. Don’t settle for an alternative when Fox’s Flexair women’s jersey has your name written all over it — namely on the back between the shoulders.

Fox Racing Flexair Pants

In our track and trail-tested opinion, the Fox Racing Flexair pants are the perfect complement to their jersey. The pastel colors are easy on the eyes, but comfortable cuts, reinforced panels and an overall ergonomic fit will feel right when you’re on the gas. These have been tailored to fit female riders so come to the track correct and blast past any competition.

Thor Spectrum Women's Gloves

There are nuances to dirt riding, which dictate different forms of throttle control. Strike the balance with Thor’s Spectrum Women’s gloves. They’re thicker than motocross-only options while enduro riders will appreciate the included protection and inherent durability. Available in enough colorways to match your bike, helmet and jersey — or to just add an accent to your dirt kit — these women’s dirt bike gloves will pull double duty.

Fox Racing Motion Boots

Case a jump or kick a trailside log at speed and the need for real-deal best women’s dirt bike boots will become rapidly apparent. Fox Racing’s Motion boots are loaded with premium features that offer protection, comfort, good looks and a slim profile for easier shifting. They’ll fit securely while fighting ankle flex when you come down hard or let it all hang out in a corner. What’s more, you can get these boots in a size 5 and up, so unisex truly incorporates smaller women's sizes if needed.

Alpinestars Stella Bionic Women's Armor

Getting roosted is more than annoying — it can really hurt! Our battle-tested choice for best women’s dirt bike armor, the Alpinestars Stella Bionic Women's armor, will protect your chest, back, shoulder and elbows. Best of all, this rig has been built to fit the female form so you’ve already eliminated one variable. Don’t think it won’t happen to you; score this armor now and laugh in the face of low-hanging tree limbs.

Fly Racing Zone Pro Goggles

Fashion and function meet in the middle with our pick for the best women’s dirt bike goggles, Fly Racing’s Zone Pro goggles. You can race motocross with them, do enduros or just go trail riding — the top-tier features throughout will have you ready for anything. That means an out-rigger system, thick foam, tear-off posts and a slew of colors to match your kit or bike.

POD K8 V2 Braces

Nobody wants to be laid up in recovery with a knee injury. Ride confidently and aggressively with the best women’s dirt bike braces, the POD K8 V2 Braces. Anti-torsional bracing is a no-joke benefit of a full-on brace; the fact that they’ll fit under most MX and ADV pants is a win, too.

Best Women’s ADV/Dual-Sport Motorcycle Gear

Adventure-ready apparel for off-road exploration

Klim Krios Pro Helmets
Klim Artemis Women's Jacket
Klim Artemis Women's Pants
Held Sambia 2-in-1 Gore-Tex Women's Gloves
Forma ADV Tourer Women's Boots
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Adventure and dual-sport riding is fun for all, but inefficient gear can quickly spoil the mood. It’s why we’ve tested, reviewed and nominated a whole slew of picks in this category. Female ADV riders deserve gear that’s made to meet their needs. Thus, our picks for 2023 come from trusted brands and these picks have largely received meaningful adjustments for female fitment, style choices and overall needs. So go ahead and see where that dirt road leads — with this apparel you’ve got all you need.

Klim Krios Pro Helmet

Also our pick for top overall adventure-style helmet, the best women’s ADV/dual-sport helmet is Klim’s Krios Pro. Spirited dirt riding down fire roads and wooded single track requires something that won’t wear you out. The Krios Pro sports a carbon fiber shell, an aerodynamic visor and spoiler for high-speed highway work. ECE plus DOT certification helps ensure safety in a spill, which is all too common when fighting the sand and ruts beneath you.

Klim Artemis Jacket

There’s no substitute for a true adventure jacket. Thus, the best women’s motorcycle jacket in the ADV/dual-sport sector is Klim’s Artemis. This brand is no stranger to the ADV segment and delivers the goods yet again for 2023: loads of storage, mobility, ventilation, abrasion-resistance and premium materials throughout. Colors range from subdued to high-viz, with sizes of XS to 2XL, so there’s something for everyone here.

Klim Artemis Pants

Complement Klim’s jacket with the best women’s ADV/dual-sport pants. The Klim Artemis pants are adventure-ready, sporting a Gore-Tex shell, hip and knee armor, oversized thigh pockets, a moisture-wicking liner and plenty of other premium design elements only a true pair of ADV pants for ladies can offer.

Held Sambia 2-in-1 Women's Gloves

Strike a balance between high-speed work and aggressive off-roading with the best women’s motorcycle gloves for the ADV/dual-sporting segment. Our pick for 2023, Held’s Sambia 2-in-1 Women’s gloves, are gauntlet-style gloves that factor for grip, warmth, ventilation, waterproof lining, knuckle protection and many other needs of dual-purpose riding.

Forma ADV Tour Women's Boots

Why compromise when the best women’s ADV/dual-sport boots are here for the taking. Rider-tested and truly tough, Forma’s ADV Tour Women’s boots are loaded with safety features while being breathable enough with lightweight construction to keep you on the pegs — especially with the anti-slip soles. Don’t settle for MX options when ADV-style women’s boots can blast past expectations.

Best Women’s Street Motorcycle Gear

Safe, sporty and stylish with 2023’s top picks

Arai Contour X Helmet
Dainese Racing 4 Perforated Women's Jacket
Bull-it Tactical Elara Slim Fit Jeans
REV'IT! Xena 3 Women's Gloves
Reax Women's Superfly Mesh Gloves
Alpinstars Stella SMX 6 Boots
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You’ve got the bike and the brash to hang in the big leagues — make sure you’ve got the best women’s motorcycle gear to stay sleek, safe and stylish. There’s no need to swim in ill-fitting apparel, nor squeeze into something that’s just not right, when you shop our exhaustive pick of the best motorcycle gear for women who ride street. The leading brands found on this list are known for quality products; make sure you’re kitted out correctly for that next spirited street ride.

Arai Contour-X Helmet

A landmark brand with a proven product. If you need the best women’s street motorcycle helmet, look no further than the Arai Contour-X. Street riders can clock serious speeds and need full-spectrum awareness of the world that’s blurring by. The Contour-X helps meet these needs through its overall smooth shape, premium comfort, copious ventilation and VAS MAX Vision shield among many more features. For those unwilling to compromise, we’ll confidently say this is 2023’s best women’s motorcycle helmet for street duty.

Dainese Racing 4 Perforated Women's Jacket

Cut a striking figure while slicing through traffic with the best women’s street motorcycle jacket, the Dainese Racing 4 Perforated Women's Jacket. Dainese is known for quality apparel so it should come as no surprise that they’re atop our list this year. You’ll find a lot to love in this jacket: ample protective materials and inserts, ergonomic-boosting fabrics and adjustments, storage pockets that aren’t bulky plus reflective inserts that’ll keep you plenty visible.

Bull-it Tactical Elara Slim Fit Women's Jeans

Bull-it makes another appearance this year with the best women’s street motorcycle jeans, the Tactical Elara Slim Fit. A single-layer cut and tear-resistant stretch denim with a slim fit screams aerodynamics. These jeans also come with AA abrasion resistance plus pockets for optional armor so you needn’t worry about friction burns or blown-out seams. Basic blue jeans will never stack up to a pair of these.

REV'IT! Xena 3 Women's Gloves

If you need full coverage, the gauntlet-style best women’s street motorcycle gloves are REV’IT! Xena 3 Women’s Gloves. We’ll hands-down (pun intended) recommend these over other options for their leather palms, TPU protection, hook and loop closure, ample ventilation and more. Pair it with your full-body racing suit or street-friendly biker jacket — these best women’s street motorcycle gloves will look right at home in all settings.

REAX Women's Superfly Mesh Gloves

For less bulk and plenty of performance, our short-cuff pick for the best women’s street motorcycle gloves are the REAX Women’s Superfly Mesh gloves. As with all road-ready gear, these gloves ride the line between safe and sleek. REAX accomplishes this with a pre-curved cut that’s constructed from multiple forms of leather and mesh plus protective inserts that help round out the package. If short-cuff is the selling point you’re after, these are the best women’s street motorcycle gloves for the job.

Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 v2 Boots

This leading line for ladies appears yet again on our list. For the best women’s street motorcycle boots, our money’s on Alpinestars’ Stella SMX-6 v2 Boots. It’s both street and track-ready, which mean the race-grade features of the latter will put you in a great place for the former. Here’s what you get for the investment: design and construction for women made with advanced materials, loads of bracing and protective features, breathable liners and robust fasteners. Rest assured, these are best women’s street motorcycle boots for your bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, motorcycle gear for women — what’s the difference?

There once was a time when true women’s motorcycle gear was slim pickings. While there are a few unisex products on this list, helmets being one such example, the best motorcycle gear for women has progressed by leaps and bounds. Moto brands have re-tooled to tailor an overall fit, cut, ergonomics, colors and even safety features that meet the needs of end users — female riders like yourself. You can truly feel the difference in the saddle, which is where we’d recommend gauging comfort and correct sizing.

How do I get measurements and sizing for women’s motorcycle outfits?

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) estimates from 2022 state 20 percent of all riders are ladies. That number has actually been on the rise in recent years and as our own staff members have attested to, there wasn’t always plenty to pick from. Armed with bust, belt and hip measurements — with height being a helpful consideration — you can easily size women’s gear so that it will fit correctly. Everyone’s body type is different and every brand’s idea of small, medium or large will vary. When in doubt, ping our Gear Geeks for a helpful hand.

Riding gear for women: casual or armored?

Everyone on two wheels wants to “look the part” as they say — men most definitely included. No matter your riding style, we’ve got plenty of gear for you to pick from. The question then is which is best suited to your needs: armored race-grade apparel or more casual clothes still built by moto-specific brands? The choice is yours, but we like to think our top picks of the best women’s motorcycle gear for 2023 delivers plenty of options. There are sport jackets with armor, jeans with abrasion resistance and plenty more that cover a middle ground. You won’t break the bank, but you will give yourself a fighting chance out there.

What’s the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair?

Here’s one many men don’t often have to consider. Long locks add quite a bit of volume, which can be difficult and even painful to cram into an otherwise appropriately-sized helmet. Sizing up can leave dead space in otherwise important aspects of the lid. The solution: thin head wraps like a doo-rag, hair sock or skull cap will tame your hair. Braiding it and/or wearing scarves for tucking it away will keep things under control at speed.

What's the best women’s motorcycle jacket for ever-changing weather?

Moto manufacturers have tapped into such a serious demand for gear that works right, the old adage of “pink and shrink” is ancient history. Given that the best women’s motorcycle jackets are such a popular option, we worked hard to find some that would keep you covered through multiple season and weather conditions — be it summer heat, winter cold or the inevitable downpour. The Klim and Steel and Steel picks in this list are capable of getting that multi-season job done through insulating and cooling design features. Give this aspect serious consideration and you’ll save considerably as you build an effective kit.



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