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Classic & Retro Style Motorcycle Helmets

They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to, and that’s a good thing. You see, for as much as we love the vintage motorcycle helmets, the cranium cradles of yesteryear are far behind the times. The classic image of a retro motorcycle helmet, cruising in all of its vintage splendor down the highway on a cafe racer, chopper, or throwback cruiser is what motorcycling is all about. We live for the spirit of those classic riders and their vintage gear, unencumbered by the trappings and stylistic downgrades of modern living. However, at the same time, looking back on those vintage helmets, it is easy to see that they left a lot to be desired in the safety and features categories.

With the new styles of vintage motorcycle helmets stretching far and wide, the current assortment of these classic helmets offers a great deal of riders an equally vast assortment of options from which to select the right lid for themselves. Whether you prefer a half helmet with a faceshield, a ¾ open face helmet, or a full face lid, the vintage lineup of helmets that are available today showcase the advancements made throughout each over the previous decades. While the timeless aesthetic of your classic motorcycle helmet will never go out of style, the simple fact is that you don’t want to wear a helmet from 1970. Aside from being gross, it is lacking in just about every modern safety feature and the internal EPS has long-since become obsolete. Classically themed motorcycle helmets are a great way to channel that retro, throwback, vintage style, while still keeping yourself up-to-date in both safety and comfort.
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