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Motorcycle Gear Guides, How-To's, and Tips

From day one RevZilla has set out to provide the best information in the world when it came to the motorcycle gear that makes riding better for us all. Whether you watched on our YouTube channel or saw our gear reviews on the site itself, we covered everything from the most intricate features of motorcycle helmets to the advantages of vent placement on 4 season, all-terrain jackets and pants. Interested in the latest trends and fabrics that are fueling the riding denim revolution? Curious as to which new motorcycle riding shoes come with the best combination of durability, protection, and casual style? Want to know what brands to look for based on body-type, head-shape, safety-certifications, etc? Well, we have covered it all, and will continue to keep it at the forefront of our mission each and every day.

In this section of Common Tread we focus on the gear and expert opinions of our editorial staff and freelance writers as they provide their take on the gear that they have worn along the way. From Spurgeon's opinions on what to look for in adventure motorcycle gear, to Dr. Kaplan's medical explanations on what is going on within the gear itself, we cover the spectrum and offer up our thoughts on the most important decisions you will make regarding your motorcycle gear. Because we've been there too, and in the years that we've been at it, the only thing number larger than the amount of gear we've reviewed is the amount of miles we have ridden in it all.