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Icon Helmets

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A magical combination of good style and bad attitude, the Icon brand sets itself apart from everything else in the protective motorcycle gear market — waaay apart. Like that loveable class clown who always managed to avoid getting in trouble for misbehaving, Icon embodies the hooligan personality, wearing its rap sheet on its sleeve like a badge of honor.

If Icon is continuously campaigning to secure its unique brand image in the motorcycle landscape - then Icon graphic helmets are carrying the banner. Their graphics have been called irreverent, playful, outlandish and even terrifying. But with a common thread of undeniable cool, the secret to their style is not taking themselves too seriously.

Sure, the quality motorcycle helmets Icon puts out for sale are as protective as anything on the market, but the magic of Icon is not making that the focal point. Okay, so everyone should probably wear a helmet in case they go down, but no one ever said its against the law to have fun with it! This is motorcycles, not the IRS; we don’t have to color coordinate our belts with our wingtips. So have a little fun! Wear a crazy Icon motorcycle helmet with gnarwolves, or space pirates, or spaghetti monsters on it! Can I get an "amen"?