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Motorcycle Brake Fluid

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Treat your stopping system to the best with motorcycle brake fluid in stock now at RevZilla. While there are a handful of other moving components that make up the braking system, motorcycle brake fluid is what helps moved the brake pads. The result? You come to an even and steady stop — if you’ve opted for the best brake fluid that’s right for your system. If you’re flushing things out or simply topping off with DOT 4 brake fluid, these are the stepping stones toward a great DIY weekend maintenance project. Get started here with a tutorial on the flush and bleed process, then find exactly what you need for your bike right here.

The Brake Fluid Basics

Brake fluid, be it DOT 4, DOT 5, 5.1 or older types, is a hydraulic fluid that acts under pressure. It presses pistons in the brake caliper, which push pads up against the rotor and slow things down. Some types of fluid are also hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water in the air and becomes contaminated over time due. If your brake lever is spongy or the fluid itself has turned a dark color, it’s time for a flush and fresh top-off with motorcycle brake fluid in the reservoir.

The brands you’ll find here are motorsports mainstays like Bel-Ray, Castrol, Liqui Moly, Maxima, Motul and many more! If you’re serious about performance in hydraulic brake systems, then these are products to buy. One final word of advice if you’re considering mixing DOT 3 with DOT 4 or something along those lines: While it doesn’t matter which brand you pour into the master cylinder, different types of fluid utilize different bases and have varying boiling points. Trust us, it’s easier to just top off with what you’re currently running than diving into compatibility to save a few bucks.

Stop Here for Superior Products

If it goes in or on your motorcycle, chances are RevZilla has got plenty for you to pick from. Motorcycle brake fluid is no exception so shop now and get back to riding in no time at all. While you’re here, be sure to pick up brake pads as part of that refresh project!