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Brake Lines For Motorcycles

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Stock components don’t last forever and when it comes to safety, failure is not an option. This makes upgrading your brake lines for motorcycles a must-do if reliable stopping power is on your mind. Fortunately, RevZilla stocks dozens and dozens of motorcycle brake lines that’ll run right from master cylinder to caliper. These products are also bike-specific so you’re scoring something that’s going to fit correctly and install with the relative ease of an OEM component. Still, we’d suggest checking out this Common Tread article about brake bleeding because installing new steel braided brake lines on a motorcycle means loosing hydraulic pressure. That all said, this is an important upgrade if you hit the brakes as aggressively as you hit the throttle.

Brake Lines For Motorcycles: Time To Replace Yours?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your motorcycle brake lines after two or three years, but you can always upgrade early. A leaky line, on the other hand, tells you it’s time to get this job done. With drum brakes a distant memory, new technologies incorporated into steel braided brake lines for motorcycles offer better response and boost confidence — especially when taking hairpin turns or navigating stop-and-go traffic. Performance-minded riders should consider braided brake lines for motorcycles to achieve better consistency and durability. If you want to swap your stock ‘bars for a higher pair, you'll want to check out motorcycle brake line kits so you don’t come up short on cable length. Not all brake lines are created equal, so give our Gear Geeks a call for expert advice and assistance when choosing your next set of brake lines.