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Motorcycle Brake Pads

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Twisting the throttle is plenty fun, but it’s motorcycle brake pads that let us maintain total control over every ride. These are essential parts that are subjected to harsh conditions, reaching extreme temperatures as they bite the brake rotor and slowly grind away over time. That latter point means that even the best motorcycle brake pads are a consumable and you’ll be changing them out for fresh ones eventually. If that’s the situation you’re currently in, be sure to get all caught up on all things brakes then dive into the plethora of products here.

Restore Stopping Power

Motorcycle brake pads live a hard life. They’re bolted up a foot off the ground and often exposed to the worst of road conditions, pelted by pebbles and soaked in wet weather. Hard braking can wear them down in short order and a warped brake rotor is going to beat ‘em up and knock ‘em around. So, if you’re in search of the best motorcycle brake pads to secure a safe ride, RevZilla can help.

The parts you’ll find at RevZilla come from leading motorsport manufacturers like Brembo, EBC Brakes, Galfer Braking Systems, Lyndall Brakes, Twin Power and more. The choice from here for front and rear calipers is yours: Sintered, semi-sintered or organic. There are a number of trade-offs to consider, including longevity, noise, glazing and brake fade to name a few. Trust us: None of these motorcycle brake pads are going to let you down, but shopping by price point is a decision the rider must make.

Fix it with RevZilla

If you’re preparing to change brake pads at home while also hearing a concerning grinding noise from down near the wheels, it’s probably time to install some new ones. Make sure you’ve got all the tools needed for the job and crack on with it!