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Crash Bar Bags

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If the tank and tail aren’t enough, crash bar bags let you seize every storage opportunity. Those who take long hauls from home know the need well and here at RevZilla, a crash bar bag is a popular accessory that really proves its worth. What’s it worth to you? Read on to learn more about these add-ons that make the most of typically unused space.

Crash bar bags for cruiser and ADV alike

We’ve all been there. There was no space left for that one critical piece of gear or tool, so you left it at home… and now really wish you hadn’t. Crash bar bags are the perfect aftermarket add-on for otherwise wide-open real estate. Take advantage of durable materials like nylon, leather or UV-treated PVC Tarpaulin while riding confidently thanks to waterproofing and firm motorcycle crash bar bag mounting points. Speaking of those mounting points, the vast majority of these options will easily and securely attach to the crash bars you’ve invested in as engine guards.