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Motorcycle Tank Bags

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Motorcycles aren't exactly known for their copious trunk space. Take matters into your own hands with tank bags that'll increase carrying capacity and allow you to cart around everything you'd ever need on a ride. Tank bags, whether magnetic or strapped on to your bike, end up looking completely natural once attached. They become an extension of your motorcycle where critical tools, maps and paperwork are kept.

One of the more recent innovations in motorcycle tank bag tech is the quick release tank ring. These bags mount to a ring (sort of like a tiny 5th wheel) around your gas cap and allow for quick release action when you need to fuel up or remove the bag from the bike entirely. This can be a more elegant solution than straps for those motorcycles that do not have steel tanks for a magnetic tank bag to cling to. Some of these rings can even be tapped easily into your motorcycle’s charging system, providing a slick contact connection to device charging ports inside the bag without a mess of wires.

If you're unsure about a tank bag being the solution for your bike, speak with our team of Gear Geeks or check out the rest of our luggage options.