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Motorcycle Tank Pads & Protectors

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Did you hear the one about the broken steering stabilizer? It was a real... tank slapper. Zing!

While they don’t protect your tank from your handlebars, per se, motorcycle tank pads serve a few key functions. For sportbike applications, the main benefit is to allow the rider to grip the tank of the motorcycle more easily with the knees. This allows for much better control over the bike and increased cornering confidence when throwing weight back and forth and hanging down off the bike to drag a knee through turns.

Motorcycle tank protectors also serve to protect the paint from rivets, belt buckles, keys or any other potential damage from contact with to the rider — especially when riding posture requires you to lay on the tank — or damage from contact with luggage like tank bags. They come in a plethora of different materials and designs, from snakeskin and carbon fiber to clear! RevZilla has quite possibly the best selection of universal and exact-fit sportbike tank grips and pads on the web!