Recommended Budget Hotel

Emarat Plaza VIP Flats (One Bedroom Apt: 35 USD), (Two Bedroom Apt: 55 USD), (Three Bedroom Apt: 65 USD) 
Katrina Street
Khartoum, Sudan 
Tel: +249915087000

Other Hotels:

The Paradise Hotel:

This was the recommended hotel for TESOL Sudan conference for the last two years and the price ranges between 110 USD - 140 USD per night depending on the type of the room.

Below is a Tripadvisor review for Paradise:

More Hotels: 

Check out the Tripadvisor link below for the best hotels in Khartoum.

Credit cards

Because of the US embargo, no credit cards can be used in Sudan. Carrying out on-line transactions while you are in Sudan can cause problems, as some merchants (especially American ones) will pick up your Sudanese IP address, and refuse to do business with you. If you attempt to use an American Express card for any on-line transaction while in Sudan, you are likely to have the card summarily canceled.

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