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UTV & ATV Trickle Charger & Battery Tender Devices

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Give your off-road beast the boost it needs with a UTV or ATV battery tender that, as the name implies, tends to the power source. This can be done with either a UTV or ATV trickle charger, which will continuously supply power, or a battery tender that can maintain proper voltage to keep the battery alive during bouts of inactivity. What’s the best for your ATV? Read on to discover the small, yet crucial, differences between these two models.

UTV/ATV Battery Tender or Trickle Charger?

Are these two devices similar means to the same end? Yes — but that doesn’t mean they’re interchangeable. The former is all about metering and maintaining sufficient voltage without overcooking your battery. If you’re looking for the best battery tender for an ATV or UTV, it’s the one with built-in computer processors that’ll cut the juice when appropriate. A UTV or ATV trickle charger is a full-on battery charger you can use to bring a slightly sub-par battery back up to sufficient voltage. Think of battery tenders as a stop-gap over long winters of inactivity while a 4 wheeler battery charger is a less-sophisticated tool to really bring the power back on from borderline low levels.

If you still have questions about getting a charger, which really is an essential investment that can quickly get your ride up and running again, call our Gear Geeks! While you’re here, be sure to check out our UTV and ATV batteries so a back-up is just sitting on the shelf in your shop.