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Boldly go wherever the trail leads, and ensure you don't get stuck along the way with UTV and ATV winch options from RevZilla. You never quite know when things will go from a smooth ride to white knuckle, but at least you can prepare with a top-quality UTV winch. You'll find the best names in a winch for 4 wheeler or side by side vehicles right here, and you can trust in the performance of brands like KFI, Moose Racing, Quad Boss, Warn Industries and more. There are some important aspects you need to weigh before you decide on a quad winch. Let's break each one down before you buy.

First up is pulling power. A small ATV winch offers around 2,000 lbs of pulling power, which is enough for lighter vehicles. But if you're operating a heavier machine, then you'll want upwards of 4,500 lbs pulling power in a UTV winch to get you out of each mess. Other factors to consider are rope length, as longer lengths of cable allow you more options in anchor points. Synthetic rope versus steel cable is another important choice. Steel cable is more affordable, but it can be dangerous to work with as it stores a lot of energy when strained. Synthetic rope, on the other hand, is stronger, doesn't weigh as much and is easier to repair and work with in the field. However, rope is more expensive and needs regular care to extend its service life.

Now let's turn to motor selection in an ATV winch. This is a key selection point that can have big consequences on your power draw and ability to winch for longer periods of time. The two most popular motors are series wound motors and permanent magnet motors. While pulling power is roughly the same for each motor, permanent magnet motors draw less power from your battery than series wound motors. The downside is permanent magnet motors can overheat, which reduces their pulling power, effectively leaving you stuck in the mud until they cool down. Series wound motors are the more robust solution as they can pull for longer periods without overheating. However, they require significant power from your battery as they operate.

Next, don't forget to check out remote options. We don't know about you, but we don't want to stand over the winch while it operates. Wired remotes with long cords are good, but wireless remotes are better. Finally, make sure your winch kit comes with a mounting plate or you purchase a compatible one separately. Once you decide on a winch, make sure to stock up on all the critical UTV winch accessories like tree trunk protectors and tow straps, fairlead covers, winch hooks and more. Our Riders Plus Membership is here to save you more on ATV and UTV winch parts. Join today to uncover premium perks, discounts and cash back rewards. Then add more power for those sticky situations with high capacity batteries from RevZilla.